Reading the Bible

Scripture Matters!
As we attempt to follow God and to build our relationship with Him and with each other, spending time in God’s Word becomes a necessity.  It is in the inerrant Word that we find His purposes and His nature.  It is there we get to know Him best.  It is in scripture that we begin to understand the meaning and direction our lives are supposed to take.  If you want to spend more time with Him, check out these resources.
Bible Gateway has long been a standard for web based scripture search and study. It is a great replacement for paper concordances and can be fine-tuned to your preferences. Lots of study helps and reading plans are available.
This is the website for the popular YouVersion bible. It has a great interface for reading online, as well as apps you can download for your mobile devices. Almost every version and many languages are available. One drawback of their mobile apps is that you need some sort of connection to download and read as you go. Lots of study helps and user notes are available, as well as many reading plans to help you have a structured reading schedule. Highly recommended.
Olive Tree is another great place for reading and study. There are free mobile reading apps and many versions. You are actually able to purchase different versions and resources to carry on your mobile device so a connection isn’t necessary to read. A great place if you want to build up your mobile library!
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