Assembly and Worship

Assembly and Worship Ministry Purposes and Objectives
Worship Goals
Trenton Crossing’s Assembly and Worship Ministry studied and identified five goals of our worship assemblies in general:
Praising and honoring God
Building up the body (Blessing believers and edifying one another)
Promoting Spiritual Transformation (touching each member emotionally and challenging each member intellectually)
Encouraging everyone to be truly converted to Christ
Empowering God's people to service

Worship Ministry Statement
The Worship Ministry is involved in thoughtfully planning assemblies--as well as other activities--that are rich in heart-felt spirit as well as in Scriptural truth. This is done in coordination with ministry leaders and other worship participants in such a way that the primary goals of honoring God and the community of believers, along with edification of a diverse population, remain the top priorities. Our assemblies are designed to connect with a wide range of age groups and stylistic preferences. The singing in our assemblies is acappella, reflecting the practice of the earliest Christians. Other worship practices involve activities such as: teaching, fellowship, reading of Scripture, prayer, confession, repentance, praise, giving, the Lord’s Supper, and baptism by immersion. The worship ministry seeks to incorporate the God-given talents and gifts of all members in appropriate areas of service and worship, including opportunities to participate in leading worship activities, planning and coordination, special singing groups, as well other events that support our mission.

We pray that God will be glorified in our assemblies and that the church will be built up, as well. May we always seek to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

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